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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

Enquire to find out more about the Solar Shroom Room business enablement kit or simply give us a call on 0451 938 836.

After initial payment you will be provided with the complete Shroom Room kit!

Grow your business and mushrooms at your own pace. There is no pressure, we can fill demand as slowly or quickly as you wish.

Who are my customers?

The National Mushroom Network aims to restore the broken thread of fabric that connects you to your community. Food has always played a role in connecting people and now by becoming your community grower you are helping to restore a sense of connection with your neighbours. Customers include local restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, farmers markets, Doris and Dave next door and their two delightful kids, Delilah and Devin.

What sort of mushrooms can I grow?

In partnership with Life Cykel, the National Mushroom Network provides a variety of oyster mushroom species including Pearl, Pink, White and King Oysters. We are currently positioning our production sites to include the following mushrooms in the very near future: Lions Mane, Shiitake, Maiitake and King Stropharia. Other approved native Australian edible mushrooms are currently being developed for the Network. 

What if I want to go on holidays?

No problem - you may want to train up a neighbour or friend to job share or take over. You can also inform us and we will not send bags out to you so there are no mushrooms growing while you are on holiday. 4 weeks’ notice is required for changing any order.

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