12 Ready to Grow Mushroom Bags
  • 12 Ready to Grow Mushroom Bags

    12 x 2 kg Pearl Oyster Mushroom Grow Bags, ready to grow!


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    Supporting the Circular Economy - we have prepared the mushroom bags from coffee grounds and now they are ready for you to grow :)


    Simply spray with water each day using a small mister bottle, watering can or garden hose. Grow a mushroom forest in an outdoor greenhouse or use single bags on your kitchen bench or laundry.


    Each bag yields 400g of oyster mushrooms on average over 3 harvests in 12 weeks before the mycelium compost can be utilised in the garden. The grow bags can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 months or in the house for 1 month before opening. This pack provides best value for your own mushroom supply and to share with friends


    Please note, National Mushroom Network members can get this bag pack for $150. Enquire to find out more

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