Family Model
  • Family Model

    Cost: $3,950 or $51.50 per week over 18 months. Including GST and freight.
    Maintenance: 1 - 3 Hours Per Week

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 1395 x 770 x 1815mm


    Grow seasonal mushroom varieties in your temperate zone grow room complete with humidifier, FAE equipment, shelving and commercial standard electrical panel.


    *Weekly production is subject to variability based on local weather
    conditions and other variables that farmers across Australia face.

    • More Info

      The Family and Cafe Models are perfect for the enthusiast who is looking to grow mushrooms for themselves, their family and/or their neighbours, or perhaps to sell at the local cafe or market. Our family model sits perfectly on the back deck, verandah or apartment balcony.

      Our family model grow rooms comes complete with all your growing requirements, commercial level electrical connections, fans, humidifier and shelving unit to enable growing delicious spray free gourmet mushrooms. 

      Our family and cafe model is best suited to Australia’s temperate zones or can be used for growing seasonally appropriate gourmet mushroom strains if  you are located in an area of Australia where temps fall or rise dramatically over periods of time within the year. You may even choose to take a sabbatical from growing during these periods and only grow your mushies during times of the year that suit the purpose of your grow room such as when temperatures are mostly between 16 to 30 degree mark.