Market Package

Market Package

Our growers are growing nutritious gourmet mushrooms and selling them directly to their local community, providing an essential link between farmers and their customers. The Farmers Market Package enables our growers to sell their produce at farmers markets in their local area. Feedback and experience has shown that selling direct via markets enhances community engagement and maximises profits. 

The package provides you with all the necessary items to run your own farmers market stall. Our growers are selling their fresh mushrooms at local farmers markets for on average $50/kg. 


The pack includes:

  • “Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Growers” Banner 

  • Portable Credit Card Reader

  • Compact Market Marquee with 3 removable sides, rechargeable usb light and carry bag with wheels

  • 2x Portable Bi-Fold Trestle Tables

  • Large Vintage A-Frame Black Board 

  • Medium Vintage A-Frame Black Board

  • Dehydrator

  • Lockable Cash Box with Tiered Tray 

  • Life Cykel Wholesale Prices for Entire Product Catalogue