Grand Climate-Master Model
  • Grand Climate-Master Model

    Cost: $45,000 or $15,000 deposit plus $115.65 per week over 60 months
    Maintenance: 10 Hours Per Week

    Dimensions: 2400mm (w) x 2600mm (h) x 4800mm (l)


    The Grand Climate-Master Model is double the length of the SB.T Model and has been developed to provide the optimal growing room for the grower who sets their sites on developing a commercial enterprise in a temperate zone of Australia. Made from 75mm  refrigerant panels with a lockable sealed door, including a floor with 75mm step up. The roof has 600mm front and rear overhang plus 100mm overhang on each side of your grow room to provide protection from the elements. The Grand Climate-Master Model model is complete with microclimate equipment and fittings to create optimal growing conditions* across the temperate zones of Australia in a spray free, chemical free environment.


    *Weekly production is subject to variability based on local weather
    conditions and other variables that farmers across Australia face.
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      Our Small Business models have been specifically designed to suit the temperate climate zones of Australia. They are perfect for growing seasonal strains of gourmet mushrooms with the added warmth of an installed infra-red heater for the cooler months. With functionality and performance as the driving intention behind its creation each of these small business models are installed with an innovative air cleaning system that provides increased productivity. 

      The Small Business models are perfect for any location throughout Australia* with the addition of our specifically designed and engineered heating and cooling unit that works hand in hand with the components of our other small business model inclusions, resulting in optimal growing and climatic conditions for your mushroom business.

      Each of the Small Business Model grow rooms will be installed for you by a professional cool & hot room builder. The installation site is required to have a solid foundation such as a concrete slab allowing approx 150mm surrounding the footprint of the grow room. To ensure we address any requirements prior to your scheduled install, we would ask that photos of your existing surface are forwarded to your NMN Resource Manager prior to installation date.

      Our grow rooms are made from 75mm thick insulated sandwich panels, resulting in easy cleaning and durability. This high quality insulation maintains a stable and optimized climate, reducing electricity costs, and producing more reliable yields.*Positioning the room undercover, in a well shaded area or under a shade cloth is recommended as it will help to maintain the internal temperatures and humidity at suitable ranges. 

      The electrical wiring and climate control equipment will be installed by a certified electrician and is powered by a single 10A plug via extension lead -   it MUST be connected to an outlet protected by a Safety Switch (if a new safety switch is required to be installed, the additional cost is estimated at $350).  Please advise your NMN Resource Manager whether a safety switch installation is required at the time of the installation booking.

      As with all our grow room models, as an NMN member you will be provided with support in understanding how to work with your seasons and growing mushrooms suited to the current temperatures and climate to utilise the rooms’ efficiency providing best yields.