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Our Mushroom journey started with our son Lewis having an interest in growing mushrooms. Anthony found the website and after discussing it we were on board with our new business adventure called Mamma Bray’s Mushrooms. Shortly after that we received our Shroom Room and our Mushroom Journey started. We now supply to restaurants around Orange, New South Wales. We also go to the Orange farmers markets and the Blayney farmers markets where we sell creamy mushroom soup and mushroom risotto with fresh mushrooms available as well as mushroom jerky, chips and plain dehydrated mushrooms together with Life Cykel retail products. There is no waste in our business. You just have to check with your council to see what you can sell from your kitchen before you go to the markets.

- Mamma Bray's Mushrooms

I first heard about Life Cykel and the National Mushroom Network in late 2018 on a podcast Ryan was part of.

I’d done some experimental growing of mushrooms previously so I knew a bit about the process and science behind mushroom growing.

I fell in love with the model straight away, especially the whole concept of distributed food production. This coupled with the circular economic model resonated with me big time. I believe we should tread as lightly as possible on this planet, but we always have to eat, you cannot tread much lighter than growing your own food on waste material. 

I've approached growing mushrooms as a hobby, I've been slowly ramping up production over the last six months and regularly producing a surplus on top of our family consumption. I've got a good barter arrangement going on with the local organic butcher for surplus stock. The next step for me is to link up with local shops and start marketing to the community. I've just set up Merridong Mushrooms named after the street I live in. My goal for the next is to become cost neutral where proceeds from sales cover the costs of production. It’s been great to be part of the National Mushroom Network, there’s a great online community for ideas exchange. Ryan and the team are also super supportive.  I’ve also been getting into the supplements produced by Life Cykel, especially the Lions Mane that stuff really works.

- Tony, Merridong Mushrooms

My journey has been great. The NMN team have been really good help along the way, answering any questions I need to know. Watching the mushrooms grow is something else, once they get going they grow so quick. It's always exciting when you get your new bags and get to put them in your room. And the best part is they are super yum!

- Benny's Gourmet Mushrooms

Wow what a ride. I met the Life Cykel crew at Eco expo Brisbane. Loved the ethos, food from waste, decentralised food systems and the least food miles possible. As an environmental and social justice activist and advocate it just made sense. The support, advice and just genuinely good humans has really made this journey so worthwhile. I’m just 1 month away from leaving work forever and am so excited to grow both Mushroomhead and myself.

Thanks for the opportunity.


Mush love 

- Iain Pritchard, East Brisbane

Becoming members of the National Mushroom Network has not only enabled us to start a business, it's allowed us to expand our home produce operations to include a solar powered Shroom Room growing many kgs of Gourmet oyster mushrooms every week to feed us and the Brisbane Farmers market community. 

- Kim and Matt's Mushrooms

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